mija porter

Mija Knezevic on how curiosity and hard work lead to success

When talking to fellow creatives, we often wonder: HOW DO THEY DO IT?! To prevent Instagram stalking or doom-scrolling to figure out their secret sauces and success stories, we prefer to ask them face-to-face. Today: an unfiltered conversation with MIJA KNEZEVIC, content creator and founder of THE COUNCIL OF CURIOSITY.

Cover photo: courtesy of Mija Knezevic, shot by Iva M.

In conversation with Mija Knezevic, aka Mija Porter

Mija Knezevic seems to have fifty hours in one day. As a successful content creator, (co-)owner of several companies, and style icon, it was time to figure out how she nailed everything she did. “Curiosity can bring you far, but working hard is key to success.” Originally from Montenegro, Knezevic lived in several countries during her twenties. She graduated from New York University in 2012 and is now based in London, a city she adores. While studying in New York, Knezevic started her blog, where she used to post daily outfits. From there, she became the content creator and business founder she is today.

TT: You describe your job as Brand Strategy and styling Content; what does a typical day look like? 
MK: “No day is the same as it depends on what I need to focus on. I’m currently focusing on my two new start-ups, which will launch relatively soon, and they’re so exciting! I’ve also just returned from Copenhagen Fashion Week, where I attended the shows and presentations, which were so interesting and fun! I also create content for my Instagram every day.”

TT: How did you get to this point in your career?
MK: “I’m curious by nature. I’m always eager to learn new things. I think curiosity can bring you far, but working hard is key to success, especially if you’re considering building your own company from scratch.”

TT: You’ve got an outspoken style, praised on social media and fashion magazines. How would you describe your style in three words? 
MK: “Although my style has evolved through the years, and in particular in the last twelve months, I’ve always gravitated towards tailored pieces, such as blazers and masculine cut trousers, preferring pieces that are easy to dress up or down at the same time. My style is effortless, chic, and comfortable.”

TT: How did you develop this signature style over the years? 
MK: “I’ve always preferred to invest in good quality clothes made to last. This has allowed me to find a signature style that, as I mentioned, focuses on hero pieces that maintain their allure and can be styled in different ways for different occasions. Although I have a signature style, I like experimenting with different styles and incorporating those pieces that make my outfits fashionable yet very me.”

TT: Which item do you cherish most?
MK: “Outerwear must be what I always advise as an investment. A great blazer and a statement coat can last a lifetime. The best pieces in my wardrobe are indeed coats; I have a real thing for them.”

TT: Besides your love for fashion moguls like Balenciaga and Hermès, you also support smaller brands. Where do you discover these upcoming ones, and what could we learn from them? 
MK: “Thanks to the nature of my job, I can discover new brands and support them! New talents are known to be more and more willing to focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and superior quality. I love supporting upcoming designers or under-the-radar ones whose designs are the outcomes of their out-of-the-box thinking.”