louis vuitton cruise 2022 show

Discover the Louis Vuitton women’s cruise 2022 show

Axe Majeur, near Paris, transforms a promenade into fantastical reveries. A sculpture conceived like a beautiful utopia, by a humanist artist whose compassionate, peaceful works are scattered around around the world. An architecture of reconciliation, where water, light, wind, sand, concrete, stone, and steel create a felicitous relationship between nature, space, and time. Discover the mesmerizing Louis Vuitton women’s cruise 2022 show below.
Cover photo: Courtesy of Louis Vuitton, Giovanni Gianonni

Louis Vuitton women’s cruise 2022

For the second time, Nicolas Ghesquière developed a cruise collection for Louis Vuitton without a destination show. Where he opted for a photoshoot last year, he made a greater gesture at Axe Majeur – a sculpture park outside Paris – today. The location perfectly melts with Ghesquière lifelong interests in sci-fi and outer space; the same hold for his collections created for Louis Vuitton.

Silk blouses, capes, joyful prints and an explosion of colors evoked a sense of optimism and futurism. His designs are meant to take the wearer to “the edge of the atmosphere”, Ghesquière explained afterwards.

A closer look at the latest Louis Vuitton bags

His love for outer space and bright colors was also expressed in the newest Louis Vuitton bags. Although combined with the signature looks of the fashion house, the bags look future-proof. And that’s exactly what Nicolas Ghesquière has created: a future-proof collection taking you to the edges of time and space.

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