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The one and only item Copenhagen Fashion Week’s guests can’t live without

There are two certainties in life. One, you will die, and two, Copenhagen Fashion Week’s street style predicts future trends and highlights staple items everyone should own. This season’s fashion item showcases the latter with the item Copenhagen’s crowd can’t live without: the leather blazer.

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Most significant street style trend at Copenhagen Fashion Week

In the streets of Copenhagen, fashion crowds gather this week, and all of their looks are centered around the ultimate statement piece: the leather blazer. Most fashion week guests have fallen back on this ever-classic staple, blending edginess and sophistication to create a look that’s turning heads with its simplicity and timeless appeal. With previous and current collections from esteemed fashion houses like Miu Miu, Aeron, Loewe, Ganni, Bottega Veneta, Nina Ricci, and The Frankie Shop embracing this style, it’s clear that the leather blazer is here to stay, making its mark as the must-have piece for the fashion-forward.

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The leather blazer

As mentioned, a leather blazer is anything but new. Its history is a journey through time that merges elegance with rebellion. Emerging in the early 20th century, blazers were initially associated with formal attire. However, it was the 1960s that witnessed a transformative shift, as the blazer shed its rigid conventions and embraced a more daring persona. The infusion of leather into this classic garment added a rebellious edge, popularized by icons like The Beatles and rock ‘n’ roll stars. This fusion of sophistication and edginess continued to evolve through subsequent decades, with the leather blazer becoming a symbol of counter-culture movements and artistic expression. Looking at this week’s looks, the magnitude of Miu Miu’s influence on street style becomes clear again. Last season, Miu Miu introduced something best described as the “revival of the nerd,” with models walking the runway with undone hair, old-school glasses, colored tights, classic handbags, and – there she is – leather blazers. Besides combining elements of whimsy and high-end design, the collection showcased an exquisite blend of textures, patterns, and silhouettes that brought a fresh perspective to modern fashion. Not much later, Bella Hadid appeared wearing corresponding nerd glasses, and a trend was born.

Copenhagen Fashion Week was anything but different. In a world where fashion is a form of self-expression, the leather blazer serves as the canvas upon which your style story unfolds – and Scandinavian women know it best. Get inspired by Europe’s most stylish women at Copenhagen Fashion Week, and score the hottest leather blazers of the moment below.

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