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Katya Timoshenko of Katimo Clothes on minimalism and life lessons

Katimo Clothes is the living proof that minimalism is anything but boring or dull. “An intuitive, minimalistic design is close to us, but at the same time, we aren’t fans of sterility.” Discover the story behind the Russian-based label, told by founder Katya Timoshenko.
Cover photo: Katimo Clothes

Katimo Clothes

Katimo Clothes was founded in 2015 for women who like to dress in modern design wear. The label’s basic and seasonal lines combine the best of both worlds: a minimalistic approach to fashion with some colorful, on-trend items. We spoke to Katya Timoshenko about the story behind her celebrity-approved label and the story behind the brand.

In conversation with Katya Timoshenko

TT: Katya, can you tell us a bit more about the start of the brand?

Katya Timoshenko: “In 2015, my plans didn’t include creating anything. I had a great job in a company and was happy about it. But one day, I came up with the idea of a dress I could not find in the store, so I sewed it myself. My cutting and sewing skills are minimal, but the dress turned out to be pretty cute. I put it on at work, and my colleague asked me to sew one for her. This is how the first money of the brand was earned, with which I bought more fabric and sewed several such dresses.”

She continues: “The first clients found me through word of mouth and placed orders. For a while, I just sewed and sold this one model of a dress, and only a month later, I realized that what was happening was like the beginning of my own brand, and together with my husband, we came up with a name and started a Katimo Instagram page.”

Intuitive, minimalistic designs

TT: What’s the exact idea behind the concept? Why have you decided to do both basic and seasonal lines?

KT: “Our main idea in creating clothes is that we don’t want to compromise between quality, design, and the price of our clothes. Katimo allows women to fill their wardrobes with basic items of great quality and complement them with pieces that emphasize the strength of their personality and character. An intuitive, minimalistic design is close to us, but at the same time, we aren’t fans of sterility. We love it when clothes reveal the personality of the woman who wears them. There are more basic models in the main Katimo collections. In seasonal capsule collections, we allow ourselves more creativity.”

Future goals

TT: What do you hope to bring to the fashion industry?

KT: “Our main mission is to create high-quality clothing with timeless design in the mid-range price segment. We want to teach women to form their vision of fashion out of trends. Buy only clothes that reflect their own essence. Focus on the quality and durability of garments. That, taken together, is a conscious attitude to consumption in the fashion industry. But, also, we are convinced that even if buying Katimo for no reason cheers up and inspires someone, this is already an outstanding job. Our path is right if our clothes make someone happier and more confident.”

TT: Finally, what are your most exciting plans for the future?

KT: “Yes, there are many ideas and plans. We plan to develop separate production areas within the brand and launch a full-fledged accessory line. As for global plans, these are the development of the B2C direction and opening Katimo stores in significant cities of the world.”