breathable face mask

8 good looking, breathable face masks to survive the hottest days

We’ll be wearing face masks for the upcoming months, maybe years. Perhaps, it’ll be part of the much-discussed ‘new normal’. Nonetheless, hot days ask for breathable face masks. And even when the temperature doesn’t rise above 77 degrees Fahrenheit, these types of face masks are a welcome addition to one’s wardrobe. Check out the best items below.
Cover photo: © Pexels

Breathable face masks

Whether you’re working out, traveling by tube, going for a shopping spree or just walking outside; a breathable face mask is a welcome accessory. Not only for the hottest days, but just for every regular day. Now that wearing a face mask has become the new normal, we have to adapt and simply get used to wearing one. And since no-one likes to choke or sweat underneath a synthetic face mask, you better wear a breathable one. Research has shown that quilter’s cotton, batik and tea towels – we didn’t see that one coming – are among the safest fabrics. However, they aren’t very pleasant to wear during summer or working out.

What happens when you wear an uncomfortable mask? You start touching your face in order to reposition it. And that’s exactly the problem; touching your face isn’t desirable as long as COVID-19 sticks around. Hence, lighter fabrics such as cotton and polyesters are an alternative; when working out performance fabrics are a safe alternative as well. Equally important is the shape of your mask; there shouldn’t be gaps between your skin and the mask. Furthermore, it should reach from above the nose to underneath the chin. Find eight good looking, breathable face masks below.

1. Staud Poplin Face Mask set – pink floral
2. Off-White Black Diag Mask
3. Emilio Pucci Libellula Print Face Mask Cover
4. Erdem Face Mask Meadow Teal
5. Rag & Bone Sleath Mask
6. John Elliott Three Pack Tie Die Face Masks
7. Christopher Kane More Joy Face Mask
8. Fleur du Mal Silk Face Mask