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Looking for the fashion in-crowd’s best-kept styling hacks, most-cherished vintage treasures, or favorite trends of the moment? We’ve prigged their answers… today: GEORGIE WOOD shares her STYLING SECRETS. Cover photo: courtesy of Georgie Wood


Georgie Wood’s career started with a job many would die for. “My experience at Max Mara, my first job, was truly incredible,” Wood recalls. “I gained invaluable insights, from conducting research for collections to collaborating with exceptionally inspiring creatives. Max Mara creates a supportive work culture, providing an environment where we can learn, grow, and explore together. Beginning my career in design here was a fantastic opportunity.” She landed her first job after being one of the finalists in their design competition. Working at Max Mara sharpened her eye for detail and the meticulous thought process behind every design element while fueling creativity. “It marked my initial stride into designer luxury fashion, my first step into this world.” When it was time to move on, Wood proved her luck as a freelancer, allowing her to dive into various roles, ranging from activewear startups to swimwear and luxury menswear brands. “I’m all about continuous learning, so getting hands-on experience in different areas of the design industry has been invaluable. Being a freelance designer isn’t easy; it comes with constant change and uncertainty.”

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Almost six years ago, Wood started working for Threads Styling. An unexpected move, she remembers. “After being made redundant from my previous design position, I picked up freelance work here and there to make ends meet, especially with the high living costs in London. Despite interviewing for another head designer role at an exciting brand, my first month at Threads made me rethink my career path. A friend who already worked at Threads Styling informed me about a temporary position available there, and I secured the job within a day. At that time, Threads had around 30 employees, if not fewer. From the moment I stepped in, I loved it. The team was incredibly supportive and inspiring, and the company culture was unique. Plus, I saw the potential for growth as Threads was still expanding, which motivated me to stay.” Within the first few months, she transitioned into a Personal Shopper role and eventually created the DTC department. DTC, or direct-to-client content, wasn’t a concept at Threads initially. From her design background, Wood envisioned a new way to engage with clients through curated looks and mood boards. Even though she is gradually moving to the commercial side of the organization, Wood is more involved with styling her clients’ looks. “It keeps me updated on product availability and preferences. I feel more attuned to our clients’ needs by staying close to these details.”


What is your earliest childhood memory that has defined your style today?

“My Mum is also really into fashion. We often laugh when we look at old family pictures and see how she used to dress us. She had a knack for matching outfits for me and my siblings, complete with coordinating headbands, hats, and socks. The way my Mum always ensured we looked perfectly put together whenever we stepped out the door has stuck with me. Now, I’m meticulous about what I wear. My friends and family often tease me about being a perfectionist.”

Georgie Wood

How would you describe your way of dressing?

“I’d describe my style as simple and minimalist. I rarely wear colors; instead, I prefer to stick to neutrals. I enjoy mixing lower price points and lesser-known contemporary brands with designer pieces and always aim to incorporate the latest trending items into my looks. While I like to look chic, I also love adding a touch of vintage, whether it’s through a jacket or a bag, to set my look apart from the rest.”

What’s currently on your mood board? And on your wish list?

“My mood board changes daily as I always see new pieces I like. Lately, I’ve been really into Fine Jewellery. One brand I’m obsessed with is Spinelli Killcolin from LA. Each ring is custom-made and handcrafted, which I love. I like to have pieces that are unique to me. I’m also obsessing over ballerina pumps and eyeing some Mary Janes.”

In what outfit do you feel at your best?

“I feel my best in a vintage pair of jeans and a cute top, usually paired with flats and a cool bomber or leather jacket. I don’t like to overdress because it doesn’t feel authentic. Feeling comfortable is key to feeling my best.”

Georgie Wood

Who or what inspires your style?

“I take inspiration from so many different places. From celebrity accounts to micro-influencers on Instagram, I’m always looking for fresh ideas. However, my friends are my ultimate source of inspiration. We love fashion, frequently exchanging outfit ideas and recent purchases. Whether for a casual day out, a dinner, or a holiday, we share ideas and style our looks. I also love to find inspiration in old-school movies and magazines, particularly those from the 90s. I believe inspiration can be found in diverse sources and eras, as trends often come full circle.”

Who’s your favorite designer, and why?

“I’d say my favorite designer is Phoebe Philo. Her style is minimalist yet distinctive, always making a statement. She’s been iconic, and I’ve always been drawn to her collections, especially during her time at Celine.”

What’s the most cherished item in your wardrobe? 

“My most cherished possession is a vintage pair of Chanel ballerinas. I recently stumbled upon them from a seller in Paris, and I was so excited with their metallic silver color and pristine condition. What I love most about them is that someone else had them in their wardrobe before me. I often wonder about the story of the previous owner and the adventures these shoes have been on.”

How would you describe your ultimate style secret?

“Simplicity is key; don’t overcomplicate your style. Stick to essential pieces that complement any outfit and effortlessly transition from day to night. Choose timeless items that you can cherish for years to come.”