Maeva Giani Marshall

Fashion model of the month – why we love Maeva Giani Marshall’s unconventional beauty

Every month we put an authentic fashion model in the spotlights. This month it’s fashion model Maeva Giani Marshall, who isn’t a new name in the modeling scene anymore. While she walked her first show in 2018, her name is wide spread across the fashion industry. Earlier we wrote about her unusual path to success. What has successful model Maeva Giani Marshall been up to lately? And how did her career develop? Let’s take a closer look at this authentic and successful fashion model.

Cover photo: Maeva Giani Marshall on Instagram

Maeva Giani Marshall

Maeva Giani Marshall was born in Miamo, Floria and raised in Paris, by her French mother. While she works mainly in New York, she prefers to spend her time in home-town Paris.

Marshall had always dreamed to become a model. However, her big breakthrough came when her face was full of ‘freckles’. Not real freckles tough – Marshall’s face is covered with hyper pigmentation spots due to medicines she had to take after having a stroke. When an agent spotted her at a party, she knew Maeva Marshall would become a success in the fashion industry.

Since then, Marshall is part of the virtual ‘freckle movement’, which consists of a group of models covered in freckles. Many say that she’s moved the boundaries of conventional beauty. While Marshall hopes to inspire others with her look, she finds it hard to be judged on it solely. She doesn’t want to be seen as just a model, since she’s been doing several jobs before modeling.

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Maeva Marshall’s modeling career

At the beginning of 2018, Maeva Giani Marshall was the “new girl” that walked the run way for the FW18/19 collection of Zadig & Voltaire. Her unusual beauty was striking, between all other ‘perfect’ girls.

Right now, Marshall is one of the leading girls in the modeling scene, walking shows for Jacquemus, Jil Sander and Yohji Yamamoto. On top of this, she recently starred in an editorial for H&M x Eytys. We’ve also seen her on many different catwalks during the last fashion week’s for fall 2019-2020.

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She’s walked the runway for VICTORIA/TOMAS, Ermanno Scervinno, Marco de Vincenzo, Annakiki, Bennetton, Natasha Zinko and House of Holland, amongst others. She still can’t believe she’s made it this far. About the Marco de Vincenzo show she said: “Shining freckles, that’s all I needed to feel myself and walk with fierce on this show. Grazie mille tutti.”

Besides these freckles were a big part of her success, Maeva Marshall sees them as the symobol of her fierceness and resilience as well. They directly show what she’s been through and that she’s fought for to become this successful. She hopes that others – who’ve suffered from similar diseases – will gain confidence after hearing her story. She

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Unconventional beauty

Marshall’s unconventional beauty makes er a welcome guest in the fashion industry. As a leader of #BREAKTHESTANDARDS, she wants to contribute to the beauty standards in the fashion industry, mainly during fashion week. She likes to add some unconventional beauty and, therefore, some diversity to the catwalk.

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Down to earth

Despite her success, Maeva Marshall is still very down to earth. When she’s been working for a while, she likes to unplug at her home-town Paris. She likes visiting her grandmother, taking her little brother for a walk and to turn off her phone. While this is very hard with a job like hers, it provides her the peace and tranquility she needs. Something we can all relate to.

We expect to see a lot more of this Paris-based model and freckled beauty in 2019. We’ll keep you posted.

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