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Everything you need to know about sustainability B Corp certification for fashion brands

In the age of pandemic, wellness and awareness play a crucial role. As never before fashion brands are pressured to take action and invest in Corporate Social Responsibility practices. Certifications and awards have become one of the main indicators for purchase decisions. However, there are so many of them. Let’s take a closer look at B-Corp Certification and figure out why it is important.
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Certified B Corporations or “B- Corps” are important marks in the fashion industry nowadays. In general, these are companies that consider their impact on environment, society, manufacturing process, and suppliers. B Lab – a nonprofit organization – verifies companies with social and environmental performances pointing the use of businesses as a force for good.

Why does B Corp matter?

For many years, fast fashion and even luxury fashion was linked to sweatshop labor with undervalued human rights. For fashion brands to become B Corp certified, both their shareholders and stakeholders should be aligned, meaning that the company values not only investors but also employees. A certified B Corp is operating under safe working environments for workers who have clearly communicated rights. Furthermore, a B Corp status helps customers identify brands that successfully passed the Impact Assessment. Shortly, this task measures the impact of brand’s day-to-day operations and its business model over the past twelve months. The assessment includes around two hundred questions about a business’s overall positive impact, materials impact, background checks and includes a public complaint process. Only fashion brands that have at least one year of operations can apply for B Corp Certification.

Great examples

Let’s see for some B Corporations in Apparel and Accessories Industry.

1. Luxtra

A conscious luxury brand with cruelty-free and sustainability-focused fashionable items.



2. Parafina Co.

Eco-friendly eyewear designer with a revolutionary approach. All materials used are recycled and the brand aims to reinvent the eyewear market and reintroduce consumers to products that are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted.



3. Ecoalf

Sustainable Spanish fashion manufacturer of comfortable day-to-day collections. Ecoalf is using just waste with the aim to create a new generation of recycled fabrics with high quality.


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