Emily Ratajkowski

The success story of super model Emily Ratajkowski, a.k.a. emrata

Emily Ratajkowski – a.k.a. emrata – keeps the internet on fire, with her sexy looks and feminist statements. With over 23 million Instagram followers, you wouldn’t expect that she’s been modeling since 6 years. Since her performance in Pharell’s ‘blurred lines‘ video, a star has risen.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is more than just a super model; you can call her an activist, feminist, social media queen and entrepreneur as well. On top of this, she walks the runway for Versace, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. And if this isn’t enough, she played in 4 movies and founded her lingerie and swimwear label Inamorata. In the few moments a year she’s less busy, emrata represents Planned Parenthood, a non profit healthcare organization for women.

Beauty and the brains

Emily Ratajkowski was born in London, raised in California. Her parents had a background in academics and art and were both very outspoken on almost everything. They learned Ratajkowski how to discuss almost every subject and taught her that it’s ok to share your opinion on even the most controversial topics.

It comes at no surprise that emrata walked several women’s marches, is openly against Trump and lives the “my body, my choice” statement.

Sexy feminist

When Emily Ratajkowski started her modeling career, no one wanted to talk about feminism and politics. However, this has changed rapidly during the past 5 years. So rapidly, according to Ratajkowski, that brands now use feminism to sell their product. Which she, of course, disapproves.

While Ratajkowski disapproves such brands, many others disapprove Ratajkowski. Many think that she’s too sexy to be a feminist. Doesn’t that sounds ridiculous? Emrata thinks people are totally nuts; why can you be too sexy to be a feminist? She thinks feminists exist in all shapes and sizes and on top of this, women should make their own choices concerning how they want to be seen and how they want to express themselves – sexually or not. Smart and sexy can co-exist.

Hairy armpits

For the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, the super model had hairy armpits. Many people (especially men!) didn’t get this and publicly asked why women need to make statements this way. Let it exactly point out what Ratajkowski wanted to expose. Many of us feel we have to stick to a certain ideal image for the other sex. However, emrata thinks you can feel fly AF for yourself, which is the best feeling on the world. Whether this is hyper feminine (as she was called at the early stage of her modeling career), more masculine or something in between: it doesn’t better. Just be yourself, feel good and support other women. Amen.

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