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Style lessons from Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter

Now that everyone is used to the news that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have become president and Vice President, respectively, it’s time to dive deeper into their lives. While doing so, we discovered Ella Emhoff – Kamala Harris’s very stylish stepdaughter. Check out the style lessons to learn from this soon-to-be-famous woman below.
Cover photo: courtesy of Proenza Schouler

Ella Emhoff

In a recent call with Glamour, Ella Emhoff – named after famous Ella Fitzgerald – told her stepmom remained stalwart during the presidential elections campaign. Growing up with a role model like Harris and a self-claimed ‘modern family’ (Harris and Emhoff’s biological mom have become best friends over the past years) can be nothing but inspiring in the long run. Therefore, the Parsons student, artist, and fashion designer Emhoff is on her way to becoming a well-known personality. It’s a very stylish one, to be precise. We’ve listed five major style lessons Emhoff has taught us.

The bolder, the better

With her own brand, Ella Emhoff creates vibrantly colored fashion items and art. We would call it fashion with a wink, making you instantly smile.

Fashion, but make it fun

Why not wear a tote bag as a hat? Where we would only find this a solution when it rains, and you have no umbrella or hat around, Emhoff goes with the flow of making fashion fun.

Everything looks better when hand-knitted or crocheted

Hand-knitted and crocheted items enhance life, which Emhoff must have thought when creating the cheerful items displayed below.

Embrace the joy of dressing up

Emhoff enjoys the art of dressing like no other. With her colorful and little alternative appearance, she shines her light even during the darkest times of the year. Everything about this young lady expresses joy, from the look on her face to the items she carefully picks to create the most uplifting looks.