dior haute couture spring summer 2022

Dior haute couture spring/summer 2022 – a successful ode to craftsmanship and togetherness

Craftsmanship and the human touch are two things Maria Grazia Chiuri is passionate about. Preferring to spend time with ‘real people’, the show and collection were all about humanity. Discover the Dior Haute couture spring/summer 2022 collection below.
Cover image: courtesy of Dior

Dior Haute Couture spring/summer 2022

When Chiuri talks about our Zeitgeist, she emphasizes she leans into the here and now, instead of the metaverse – which is very happening at the moment. To her, the conversation should be all about humanity. Togetherness and supporting each other are central to her view on life. Hence, her Christian Dior Haute couture collection was an ode to human connection. These forms of connection and togetherness are central to haute couture; only with a dedicated team, it’s possible to create couture-worthy garments, crafted by experts.

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When looking at the collection, the idea that ‘plain stitching’ is over may arise. Chiuri and her team used embroideries to piece separate parts together instead. To emphasize this sense of craftsmanship, the garden of the Musée Rodin was covered with graphic embroidered tapestries, created by Madhvi and Manu Parekh and crafted in India. 380 (!) artisans worked 280,000 hours to finish the pieces. Since it’s worth the watch, the collection of tapestries will be open to the public until January 30.

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Despite its impressiveness, the tapestries didn’t distract from the collection. Rather, they emphasized its heaviness towards craftsmanship. The Dior Haute couture collection evoked a sense of calmness. Chiuri earlier explained that she needed this sense of calmness when she noticed COVID-cases rising during December. When she thought we could leave the pandemic behind, nothing seemed less true. Like a true visionary, Chiuri bowed her anxiety into creative inspiration; the collection had to involve a sense of calmness. The evening gowns felt a little bridal, on the other end of the spectrum. The sculpted lines showed her brilliant mastery of couture. Since her childhood, Chriuri has seen crafts disappear. Therefore, craftsmanship and togetherness are at the core of her work – a true de to what haute couture is all about.

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