Kym Ellery

Kym Ellery: fashion designer with a mission

Designer Kym Ellery is the founder and designer of her namesake brand: a great fashion label with a famous clientele. Names as Rihanna, Solange Knowles, Cate Blanchett and Elle Fanning show off on the list. Read everything below about the brand and the women who started this label as an evening project.

Kym Ellery

Born and raised in Australia, designer Kym Ellery knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry at a young age. Her mother was an artist and together they made textiles and ceramics when Kym Ellery was just a child.


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Kym studied fashion in hometown Perth and did a summer school at Central St Martins (London, red.). After graduating she got a job at Russh Magazine. However, she felt she had to start her own project. Soon she worked in it during nighttime, as soon as she got home from work. Her big break through came when one of her designs – a pair of glitter tights – was used for a photoshoot in Vogue Australia. Since then, everything went fast.

Ellery’s inspiration

Kym Ellery draws her inspiration for her luxury designs from architecture; she likes to play with different kinds of shapes, forms and lines and to let them come back in garments. The designer uses a broad range of high-end materials and fabrics, all creating a new and surprising palette of textures. Think of a bold mix voluminous shapes and masculine tailoring. Besides architecture, Ellery gets her inspiration out of the world of art, popular culture, film and both social and political movements. This makes every collection very relevant and fitting the current zeitgeist.

Empowering women

The goal of Ellery is to empower women when wearing the brand. They want the wearers of their garments to feel on top of the world, confident and to encourage personal expression. Ellery likes to focus on what a woman wants to wear. Or, as the designer calls it herself: “It is as an urban uniform for the it-girls.” These words describe exactly what the brand is about. It is feminine, timeless, and fashionable and truly fits its zeitgeist. We can’t wait to see the new collection. Check out the best looks of Ellery below.


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