All I want for Christmas… is Coperni’s holiday campaign

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dog or cat person. Chances are fair; you’ll love the Coperni holiday campaign anyway.

Cover image: courtesy of Coperni

Coperni reveals adorable holiday collection

This captivating series unveils Coperni’s latest collection in a delightful dance of high fashion and unexpected whimsy. Picture this: the brand’s accessories and apparel take center stage, but here’s the twist—they’re not alone. Our charming feline companions share the spotlight, adding a playful touch to each ensemble. In the visual spectacle, chic meets adorable as kittens strike poses alongside Coperni’s most iconic pieces. From a curious white kitten peeking out of the Swipe handbag to another confidently perched atop the bold Rubber Bridge Boot, every image tells a story of sophistication with a dash of feline charm. The campaign’s creative direction draws inspiration from cozy winter scenes, presenting each garment against soft, snowy textures. Coperni’s signature clean lines and modernist shapes find a delightful contrast in the innocent gaze of the kittens, creating an arresting and heartwarming visual narrative.

Tapping into our unconditional love for pets

Coperni isn’t the first who taps into people’s unconditional love for pets. After Sandy Liang launched matching coats and cardigans for dogs and their owner, Coperni taps into one’s feelings with an adorable holiday campaign. At the same time, the holiday collection doesn’t contain any clothes or accessories for your pet, whether cats or dogs; it uses the love for cats as a primary source of inspiration. Take, for example, the sweater with cat ears or a heart-shaped bag to display your love for your furry friend. Another striking design is the open-knee jeans, perfect for creating skin-to-skin contact while your pet rests on your lap.

The holiday collection is available at Coperni’s web shop.