Christmas 2018 party outfit ideas

Editor’s pick – 8 Christmas 2018 party outfit ideas based on catwalk trends

Winter has (un)officially started and Christmas is heading. Time for some Christmas 2018 party outfit ideas. Since we’re not the least, we’ve listed this season’s major catwalk trends and translated them to a party wardrobe. From cocktailparty to a girls-night-out – we’ve got you covered. 

Cover photo: © Sies Marjan on Instagram

Christmas 2018 party outfit ideas

Who said Christmas can’t be both festive and fashionable? Whoever it was, we wanna prove him or her (or – most likely – them) wrong. It’s time to step up the Christmas outfit game – there’s no need for ugly Christmas sweaters anymore. Watch and learn from below.

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Trend 1: Folklore & groovy florals

We can’t get enough of this trend, because it is so multifunctional. Wear it classy with an oversized blazer  and heels at the office and add a scrunchie and bold boots or sneakers when heading to an all-nighter. You will look fabulous anyways.

Trend 2: The brighter, the better

Neon is a 90ies trend we never expected to make a comeback. However, it did. And how: Prada used many neon details and accessories in the Spring Summer 2019 show and many fashion incrowds are already plead guilty for lifting this trend to a higher level. So, if – and let us repeat: only if – you’re a dare devil or want to scare your not-so-fashionable family in law, go for it and spice up the dull party.

Trend 3: Holograms & metallics

Revive every dull December moment with holographic and shiny materials. If you like to bedazzle your table mates, go for an entire look. If you would like to have a decent conversation with the person next to you, we advice to dress down a bit. However, make it as bold as you wish and be the disco ball of the evening!

Trend 4: Logomania

Did you think the logomania was over? Think again. Balenciaga and Gucci were – amongst others – the big instigators of this trend and they are very resolute when it comes to keeping this trend alive. This season many others followed – think of Prada, Balmain, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino to showcast their logos hugely on their garments. It may not sound very festive, but it can be, though. Check out the looks below.

Trend 5: Western

Be the evidence that cowboys can be chic and add a little glam to your average Western look and you’ll soon be ready to party. Think of a good fringe bag, feminine cowboy boots and shiny pants. P.S.: don’t forget to leave your cowboy hat at home. Those days are gone.

Trend 6: Eighties

The 80ies have been in style since – well – the 80ies. No decade has ever brought us more fashion musthaves than this one. The eighties trend is one to play with: go over the top with big shoulders, glitters and scrunchies or keep it simple with a feminine silhouette. The choice is yours.

Trend 7: Suited up

Lately, we’ve seen a big influence of menswear on womenswear. Read everything about it in this article about the influence of menswear on women. Despite that it’s hard to image, during the 60ies women got sent away from restaurant for wearing a tuxedo – or Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Le Smoking’. Luckily, many women have paved the way for today’s fashionable freedom. So, go suit up and feel like you’re on top of the world.

Trend 8: Layering

Last, but not least: the cosiest trend of them all: layering. Balenciaga scored a big hit with this trend and their latest Instagram posts are full of this trend. Despite that this is the only trend that will truly keep you warm, it can look very festive as well. Think of layers of tule, wearing your sexiest dress with a turtleneck underneith it and stacking socks on tights. Have we already convinced you?

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