bikini trends 2022

Bikini trends 2022 – these should be on your radar

Looking for the biggest bikini trends 2022? Look no further, because our team has just investigated this year’s biggest trends and it-items. From Lady Gaga’s orange bikini to cut-out items: you discover the biggest swimwear and bikini trends for 2022 below. Let’s dig in.
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Bikini trends 2022

For many, buying a bikini can be hard. You have to feel comfortable, you should be able to feel yourself, and most importantly: your mood shouldn’t be taken by irritating bands and bottoms. Therefore, the bikini trends for 2022 aren’t only pretty, but we’ve looked at comfort and fit as well. Our main tip: discover in which model you feel most confident and choose quality over quantity.

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Mix and match bikinis

The most important rule for this trend? There are no rules. Mix and match the way you like, from tiny tops combined with granny-style bottoms. Your body, your choice.

Crochet swimwear

Crochet has been one of the biggest fashion trends of the past year, and so it will continue to be in 2022. Mainly when it comes to bikini trends, crochet can’t longer be denied. If you don’t want to overdo it, go for a one-piece or choose either a crochet bottom or top, combined with a neutral counterpart.


Thanks to Jacquemus, cut-outs are here to stay. Wear a one-piece swimsuit with a cut-out back or opt for a bikini with a high neckline and open back. The options are endless.


The brighter, the better, is the most important rule when it comes to the orange bikini trend. Lady Gaga threw high eyes when a picture of the singer wearing a tiny star-shaped orange bikini entered the internet. Since then, it has been in high demand. And we couldn’t disagree: a bikini like this is simply stunning.