best of copenhagen fashion week fall winter 2021

Best of Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021

It’s a wrap – Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021 is over and has been a leading example for the rest of the world. Discover everything you need to know about the most sustainable fashion event of the year, including the best shows and collections.
Cover photo: © NYNNE

Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2021

More than ever, Copenhagen Fashion Week was all about sustainability. Early 2020, its organization developed a sustainability strategy for the upcoming three years, part of which is a rating system for fashion houses to be part of the fashion event. They’ve set up a baseline for 2021, targets will be more ambitious every year and brands have to keep up with those in order to join the fashion week. For the first time, Zalando played an important role as a strategic partner as well. Together the organizations developed Zalando Greenhouse – an online space in which ‘visitors’ experience a 3D environment full of sustainable fashion. Zalando’s sustainability award was awarded to House of Dagmar this year.

And for those who missed the event or simply like to relive it: find out the best shows and collections of Copenhagen Fashion Week below.


NYNNE has to be for all women. The garments we make have to be wearable but also inspire. I have always admired women who are fighting for what they want and I always look to classic suiting and power dressing as a starting point. For me, it’s about taking strong looks and lightening them. Subsequently encouraging more women to harness their feminine power without dressing like a man,” explains Nynne Kunde about her label and latest collection. Hence, the essence of NYNNE was built around the idea of empowering women.

For this collection, Kunde selected nine local women who embody the fashion house and personally inspire her in many ways. The color pallet consists of earthy tones, honoring Mother Earth. The used fabrics are soft and flowy. Most importantly, many of the used materials are recycled and produced in Europe.

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Samsøe Samsøe’s collection Stillness is about aspects of being grounded, seeking stillness in a world where it might be hard to find the calm places that make us into who we are. It is also a reflection of the inspiration trip that the brand’s design team took this year. “This time around, the design team and I took an inspiration trip within the Danish borders, and we ended up in a summer house, spending some time together – growing stronger bonds – and building the collection around the concept of ‘Stillness’. The serene moments of ‘just… being’ is a huge part of this collection”, says Gitte Wetter, Head of Design.

The womenswear collection is a nod to the Victorian Era, in which heavy laces and romantic shapes predominated. Wetter gave it a spin by combining those with coarse leather, providing a more masculine look. Whether or not it is has a mental or global aspect, the collection is about the state of ’Stillness’. The times we are facing in the world we live in are highlighted and showcased in this collection. Different minds, different thoughts, different possibilities all make us do things differently and the result is a totally personal interpretation of what it is, to explore stillness.

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Baum und Pferdgarten

Baum und Pferdgarten unveiled their Autumn/Winter 2021 collection with 21 looks worn by a cast of 21 profiles from around the globe; the ultimate expression of social distancing. Each individual remotely captured their bespoke look in their own home town. This content was compiled and edited into the final show format and shared simultaneously on multiple platforms.

 “Despite the difficulties of the past year, with some of us being unable to see our friends and loved ones for so long, we wanted this to be a joyful reminder that we are still connected,” highlight the Creative Directors and Founders, Helle Hestehave and Rikke Baumgarten.  When designing the collection, the creative team explored the subtle poetry and stark diversity of coastal communities in Denmark. The collection investigates the contrast between the romantic allure of the countryside and the forsaken industrial landscapes of the Danish coastline.


“My love for music comes from deep inside. Music is my biggest source of inspiration. When I put on a track, it can take me to a different place – give me a sense of energy, or get me daydreaming. That’s where we got the idea to do a performance with musicians instead of the usual runway show. With all the restrictions, I wanted to create a digital experience that was high on energy, to get your emotions going. Everything is different this season. Usually we get our inspiration by travelling, seeing new places, watching people. Instead, we started the creative process by gathering everyone from the design team on a video call. We talked about our feelings, everything that we have gone through. The strongest feeling that came out of it was love. Our love for the life we have, our families, our work. Love for the ordinary small things. It might sound cheesy, but it’s this feeling that we are not alone in the world. It’s a collection full of optimism,” explains Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director at GANNI. The team’s talks and emotions led to an uplifting collection full of bright colors. Especially the apple green hues were striking, leaving the watcher with a feeling of optimism.

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