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When talking to fellow creatives, we often wonder: HOW DO THEY DO IT? To prevent Instagram stalking or doom-scrolling to figure out their secret sauces and success stories, we prefer to ask them face-to-face. Today: an unfiltered conversation with AYNUR ABBOTT, FOUNDER of AYNUR ABOTT JEWELRY.


Jewelry has always been a passion of hers. When Aynur Abbott was only three years old, her parents handed her a golden bracelet. When she lost it soon after, the family panicked and sought after it for days. Her father found it in a jacket pocket, and Abbott fondly remembers the sight of relief. “It made me aware of the value of gold.” It has stuck with her ever since; consequently, she founded Aynur Abbott Jewelry eight years ago. 

The brand has become a leader by focusing on handcrafted jewelry made from solid gold. Designed in Amsterdam and handmade in its Istanbul atelier, Abbott’s mission is to celebrate women and emphasize the empowering effects of jewelry. Her designs best describe themselves as contemporary, bold, yet timeless. 

To stay on track, Abbott has a set-out morning routine. Usually, she wakes up without an alarm clock and starts her day by reading, journaling, and meditating. “My routines come and go,” she adds. “But I have one important rule: no social media until I’m at the studio.” Once there, a typical working day starts with a glass of warm water and lemon, followed by fresh celery juice. “I created some sacred moment out of it. I enjoy my drinks while watching the view from home. Afterward, I open my laptop to check emails and to kick off the day ahead.” 

What has driven you to start your jewelry brand?

“Throughout my career, I knew what fashion brands I liked. Jewelry hits differently; I’ve always been experimenting with diverse kinds and styles. Throughout my research, I figured out there were so many brands that were gold-plated and gold-filled. Most of the brands don’t offer quality or a story. I realized that I wanted the opposite. So, I continued my research and asked women in my network what they were looking for and what was missing in their opinion. Because of my Turkish background, I wanted to build a sustainable jewelry brand with products solely made of solid gold and created by artisans. I knew from the start my brand would be exclusive and very niche. And after seven years, it still is.”

Aynur Abbott

How do you generate ideas and bring them to life?

“I travel a lot and always meet lots of people. I get inspired by talking to my customers and listening to their needs. Furthermore, I look at previous designs in my collections and continue developing from there.”

How do you incorporate your background within the designs?

“In Turkish culture, we have a few traditional designs, like the evil eye, which is said to keep evil away, or the coin given to a child after birth. Both are part of my collections. And, of course, the usage of solid gold.”

Are you more of a solo worker, or do you flourish within a team?

“There’s no doubt I flourish in a team. When I started my business, I was just by myself. Sitting behind my laptop at home, I was lacking motivation. As soon as I started working with a team member, my motivation and drive shifted tremendously. It gave a new impulse.”

What hiccups have you experienced along the way? 

“Well, I discovered I’m not much of a solo worker. The Covid period was a challenge, as was working with a large department store. Then, there was inflation and a crisis in Turkey. The gold price was rapidly increasing, and so did labor prices. However, the hiccups made me realize what I stand for and who I wish to be or become. It revealed my identity. And now that I look back at it, I would say it added to my confidence.” 

Aynur Abbott

What’s the best part of doing the work you do?

“I love creating new designs, but there’s another great part of my work. I love meeting inspiring customers and getting to know many amazing women who are happy to wear my jewels.” 

What’s the one moment in your career that you will never forget?

“I will never forget the moment I was selected as one of the finalists in a campaign organized by department store de Bijenkorf, right after launching my very first collection. I pitched for a campaign contest they organized. I was one of the ten winners from the 850 applicants. It felt extraordinary and confirmed that I was on the right path. I will cherish the memory forever.” 

How do you stay present?

“Having my routines in the morning and taking long walks. My husband is very spiritual and has been doing personal development training for over twenty years. Daily, he teaches me how to stay more present.”

What are you most proud of?

“I’m most proud of my brand and where we stand now. Another aspect I’m pleased with is running a circular business – a promise to do what I do. I’m proud of everything we stand for. And, of course, I’m glad I still carve out time to spend with my son and husband – I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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