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Meet artist Yoon Hyup – an interesting mind who connects music and art

Korean artist Yoon Hyup is known for his vivid paintings. His paintings strongly connect to the moment on which this artist has found his style: at a party in Seoul, when he did a live performance and suddenly got inspired by the sounds and the party crowd that surrounded him. Read everything below about this creative mind, his vision on art and why you should embrace the imbalance of color every now and then.

Korean artist Yoon Hyup

Image you’re at a party in Seoul and you’re one of the main acts. You’re not the DJ, however, but you’re there to perform art. Armed with your paint gear, you start to merge into the music and the party crowd. You feel the creativity flowing through your veins. Suddenly, you discover your unique painting style. This moment will form the crucial start of your career.

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Be Liquid, 2016 ??‍♂️ Close up shot Acrylic on canvas 36 x 48” . #YoonHyup #Wave #Summer #Flow #Fluid #2016

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How music connects with colors

This may sound like a 21st century fairy tale, but it isn’t. Korean artist Yoon Hyup has a strong connection with music and uses it as inspiration for his paintings. Since the above-mentioned party, Hyup hasn’t made a painting while not listening to music. He connects certain songs to particular colors. He usually listens to funk, jazz, soul, disco and boom bap. For example, when he listens to ‘Born to Boogie’ by Steven Watson, he envisions light blue and purple colors. Artist Yoon Hyup starts with picking the hues he wants to use, and then he picks the music. Not the other way around.

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Cityscapes made from dots and stripes

Once having chosen the colors and rhythms, artist Yoon Hyup usually doesn’t make a sketch. You wouldn’t expect this, given that his work consists of flowy lines and dots, depicting cityscapes. The flowing stripes are cut off y bold dots and continue after them.

Artist Yoon Hyup usually puts on canvas what he saw, felt, heard or experienced in another way. He likes to travel and is particularly inspired by New York, Seoul and San Sebastian. These cityscapes appeal to him since they have different faces he likes to capture in his paintings. On top of that, these cities are perfect for performing his second hobby: skating. When he’s on his skateboard, the flows and rhythms inspire him as well. He connects these rhythms and patterns to a certain layout and in this way an idea for a new painting is born.

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How improvising jazz can be translated to art

Artist Yoon Hyup likes to look at this process as if he improvises jazz music. It is a flowing trial, in which some tones fit better than others. However, nothing is wrong and it is fully focused on creating a piece on a particular moment. No worries about the past or future, only the present rhythms count. As improvising jazz is a musical interplay of notes, artist Yoon Hyup’s art can be explained as a creative interplay of music, paint, colors and cities. Hyup himself likes to view it as ‘creating his own world’. A world in which colors can be out of balance, just as musical notes can be in jazz. If you keep on creating your own world with positive vibes and energy, you’ll get the most out of it and inspire others. With this, Hyup strongly recommends to everyone to embrace the imbalance of life and create your own positive world and the rest will follow.


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WIP – Beach of La Concha II ⛱ . #YoonHyup #LaConcha #SanSebastian #Spain #Beach #Summer

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Summer afternoon in Brooklyn ? . #YoonHyup #Brooklyn #Summer #Fabrick #Medicom #HiddenChampion

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