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The AREA Collection 02 explores the rich universe of showgirls

Zizi Jeanmarie and Josephine Baker get an entire new look in the AREA Collection 02, presented at New York Fashion Week on Sunday. While the fashion house has taken us to many place, both inner and outer space, a night club has never come to mind. That is, until now, translated through the lens of haute couture by exploring craftsmanship and showcasing craft, confidence & attitude. 
Cover photo: courtesy of AREA

AREA Collection 02

“For this collection we wanted to showcase our ability to expand our universe texturally as well as pushing our dressmaking skills.We started to dissect various elements throughout history & culture and translating these into haute couture ranging from handwork and embroidery to construction and volume – these pieces are an elaborate labor of love crafted between New York, Italy and India,” explained Piotr Panszczyk, co-founder and creative director at AREA.

“We wanted to showcase our ability to expand our universe.”

Piotr Panszczyk

And what do showgirls wear? Many things, but one of the most important decorations has to be feathers – forming the starting point and the most recognizable focus point of this collection. Their elegant movement and armor-like function when wrapped around the body were key. The latter even formed the inspiration for other parts of the collection, like metal bustiers and details that protect the body, hinting to The Middle Ages. And that’s exactly the point, because showgirls aren’t just pretty faces, they are tough, they are strong and it’s all about their bodies. Panszczyk explained: “We then started looking at the importance of feathers in cultural events like Carnival in Brazil, and the Caribbean and started infusing these motifs with color. We wanted to translate this explosive color into lavishly embroidered multicolor feathers completed in dense thread-work beading infused with layers of rhinestones and sequins on top of a rich double faced black duchesse creating a perfect backdrop for the embroidery to pop on.” Likewise, Panszczyk implemented the branding to the smallest details: embellished logos on thongs, sweatsuits trimmed with feathers, and corset shaped blazers.

We expect Lizzo, Rihanna (including baby bump), Kim K., Bella Hadid and perhaps even Adele to be in front of the queue. It’s definitely a collection for the brave; for those who dare to stand out. We can’t wait to see this collection in the real world.

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