vintage stores in new york city

The best vintage stores in New York City

Vintage is the new black, according to many. Now that the world is on fire, the fashion industry needs to change more than ever. Even according to Virgil Abloh, who recently declared streetwear as death, vintage is the new way to go. Discover the best vintage stores in New York City.

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Best vintage stores in New York City

Nothing beats the feeling of finding a vintage treasure. Back in the days, clothes were made to last. That’s exactly why one should never underestimate the worth of a great vintage find. You might need to bring it to the dry cleaner first, but soon after you’ll cherish your unique items like you haven’t done with “new” pieces in a while. Furthermore, vintage clothes are environment-friendly, relatively inexpensive, irreplaceable and unique.

But where to shop for great vintage finds? The Big Apple has a lot to offer, but it’s hard to know where to begin. Therefore, we’ve listed the best vintage stores in New York.

1. Awoke Vintage

You definitely should visit Awoke Vintage when you’re a sucker for perfect (vintage) basics. Imagine piles of Levi’s 501 jeans, endless staples of qualitative t-shirts and floral patterns that make you instantly happy.

132 N 5th St, Brooklyn, NY and 688 Manhattan Ave

2. Crossroads Trading Co.

We have to admit that Crossroads Trading Co. can be so packed, that it’s a little hard to find treasures. However, they definitely have hidden treasures, but they’re just very hidden. If you’re lucky you’ll find Ganni, Filippa K and other modern and contemporary brands. Definitely worth the visit.

135 N 7th St Brooklyn, NY 11249 and 24 W 26th St

3. Known to Man

Owner Gisele has an eye for style. She doesn’t only pick the right items, she combines them very well, too. Go here for some style advice and fancy vintage at a fair price.

320 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY

4. Beacon’s Closet

If you’re OCD but somehow love vintage, then go to Beacon’s Closet, where everything is color-coordinated and gentle for the eye. On top of this, prices are relatively and you’ll definitely make a good deal.

Union Square, Park Slope, Bushwick and Greenpoint

5. Risk

When passing by, it’s impossible to miss Risk. Boldly colored and somehow Barbie-chic, this store is a must-go when in New York.

232 Varet Street, Brooklyn NY

6. Worship

Vintage connoisseurs who are fond of statement pieces will have a high heart rate when visiting Worship. Over the top items, a splurge of colors and a lot of choice describes Worship best.

117 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY

7. Housing Works Thrift Shop

Housing Works houses a multitude of well-known brands, designer items and office-suitable items. Expect perfectly arranged shoes, coats and more. A feast for the eye.

Locations all over New York, e.g. 143 W 17th St, 157 E 23rd St and 130 Crosby St

8. Procell

Looking for some cool streetwear? Preferable from the eighties and nineties? Then Procell is your go-to shop. The store is clean, neath and well organized; no need for scavenging.

5 Delancey St, Manhattan, NY

9. Cure Thrift Shop

Cure Thrift Shop is a little fuller than the above stated. It’s a huge two-floor vintage store selling clothing, as well as homeware and antique items.

111 E 12th St New York, NY

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