2010 fashion trends

TikTok declares the 2010s as the new era of style

Ready to feel old? Then read on, because when we just thought we left the 2010s behind – style-wise – the fashion trends from this era are making a comeback on TikTok. Be prepared for peplums and wedge sneakers.
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2010 fashion trends

Move over, Y2K: the 2010s dictate the latest fashion trends – at least when we have to believe influential TikTok-users like Ari Arvand, Hali Brown-Onigbanjo, and Veronika Molnar. While we just recovered from the return of low-rise jeans, velours sweat pants, and fuchsia tube tops, the next fashion movement is around the corner. And to be honest, it was to be expected. Givenchy showed playful peplums, AZ-Factory engaged in ruffles and Moschino might have never left the decade. And then we haven’t yet talked about the comeback of the most remarkable shoe of the decade: the remake of Isabel Marant’s wedge sneaker – or, as they put it: ‘the BALSKEE shoe is an elevated interpretation of the iconics.’

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Dopamine dressing

Off the runway, certain 2010 fashion trends are facing a comeback as well. Neoprene, for example, is a much sought-after material at the moment. ‘Dopamine dressing’, a term declared by fashion search engine Lyst, celebrated heyday during the past quarter; and that isn’t so strange. Tenues change with time and in times like these, every quarter feels entirely different than the last one, concerning the world’s rules and restrictions.

And with a new era, come new fashion trends – or at least, recycled ones. Versace Medusa Aevitas platform pumps were a big hit, as well as Balenciaga’s Le Cagole bag and Nike’s React Vapor NXT sneakers (including a tiny little wedge sole). In terms of classic designer items, Chanel’s Boy Flap Bag, Celine’s Luggage Bag (by Phoebe Philo), and Prada’s Galleria tote are fashion’s favorites. It may be early to say whether these will be the new it-bags, but the chances are fair. It isn’t very remarkable that many of us lure back to the 2010s. After all, those were relatively carefree years compared to the world we live in now.

Therefore, we recommend you dig deep into your closets to find hidden treasures that spark joy. From now on, they don’t even have to be that old to be fun.

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