tiny bags

The comeback of the tiny bag (and our thoughts on it)

In this section, we discuss the revival of trends or it-pieces we’d never expect to make its comeback. We elaborate on the particular trend, tell our thoughts on it and offer you the best items for those who are convinced. And because we totally accept that this trend might not be for you, we also offer some alternatives. This edition: the tiny bag. Also known as the ‘microscopic bag’. We can’t longer deny its revival.

The tiny bag

If you’ve watched the latest trends of the moment, you ironically noticed that the biggest trend is also the smallest. Yes, we’re talking bags, baby. The tiny bag is back and here to stay. “The smaller, the better” seems to be the credo. Fashion houses such as Jacquemus, Gucci, By Far and Balenciaga have reinvented this trend from the nineties and – of course – have made the prices rise. Our feeling about this tiny bag trend? Mixed. We feel a bit bipolar to be honest. We caught ourselves talking about this semi-new phenomenon a little too much lately. When Jacquemus introduced his very tiny, microscopic bag a few seasons ago, we were in shock. Now that we’re comfortable with this new bag standard, it is about time to contemplate on it.

Where to shop the tiny bag?

So, are you on team tiny bag? Then check out the shopping we’ve composed for you. And remember: the tinier, the better. Because who needs a practical bag anyways?

1. Medea Prima Mini leather tote

This bag is so tiny you almost need a microscope. However, it perfectly fits you credit card and maybe one key. What else you need?

tiny bag

2. Jacquemus Le Chiquito

This is the tiniest among the tiny bags and exactly where the trend began. Jacquemus knows how to break the internet and how to get a lot – we repeat: A LOT – of free publicity. Very smart, because we don’t know why we should have this bag. And for some reason, it’s on our wishlist.

tiny bag

3. Balenciaga Ville XXS AJ printed striped textured-leather tote

It’s pride month and we love it. How to better embrace and celebrate equality than with this bag? Balenciaga knows how to nail it.

tiny bag

4. Mark Cross Grace small metallic cracked-leather shoulder bag

This metallic bag is tiny, but fits your phone. So if you’re on team tiny bag, there’s no need to convince you with anything else.

tiny bag
Mark Cross

5. Maison Etnad Eloine mini suede and textured-leather shoulder bag

This bag’s form is very innovative, if you ask us. It perfectly holds an iPhone plus model (winning) and even a small wallet and lipstick.

tiny bag
Maison Etnad

6. By Far Mini croc-effect leather tote

This By Far mini tote looks a bit like the famous Jacquemus one, except that it does fit some of your personal belongings.

tiny bag
By Far

Alternatives for the tiny bag

Not on team tiny bag? No worries, we totally understand you. Luckily for you, big bags are also here to stay. Check out this season’s best ones below.

1. Marni

This big pink baby is exactly what we need. It perfectly fits your laptop and your workout outfit. A decent bag for daily use.

big bag marni

2. Dries van Noten

If you’re fan of the puffer jacket, than you’ll like this bag as well. In a sunny color, it keeps your stuff warm.

big bag dries van noten
Dries van Noten

3. Fendi

Fendi knows how to design bags (think of the classic baguette bag) and proves it with this one. It’s classic, it’s big and it’s simple. Just how we like it.

big bag fendi


Oh boy, we’re big fans of BOYY bags. The signature design and innovative use of materials makes our hearts beat faster.

big bag BOYY

End note: we want to be honest with you and therefore we have to admit: we’re on team practical. Form over function doesn’t hold for us in this case. We kindly ask you not to tell anyone. Thanks in advance.