who will follow up Karl Lagerfeld

The follow up of Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous label

The king of fashion just past away. Despite the mourning, everyone was wondering who will follow up Karl Lagerfeld as a designer. We figured this out for you. The answer is twofold, since Karl ran – as you probably know – two successful fashion brands: Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. Read everything about Karl’s successor Virginie Viard at Chanel and temporarily Carine Roitfeld and Hun Kim at Karl Lagerfeld (the brand).

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Who will follow up Karl Lagerfeld?

An icon has died and the pass away of Karl Lagerfeld marks the end of an era. While everyone is mourning and still in shock of the loss of this true king of fashion, people have started wondering who will follow up Karl Lagerfeld as a designer. Since Karl was unbeatable and was honored for his sense of luxury and understanding of his target audience, not one, but three (!) persons will follow up what this creative genius did on his own – even at an age of 85. Check out everything about Virginie Vard (Chanel), Carine Roitfeld and Hun Kim (both Karl Lagerfeld – the brand).

Chanel – Virginie Viard

Designer Virginie Viard has been Karl Lagerfeld’s right hand over the past 30 years. From now on, she will have the creative lead at Chanel, as Karl Lagerfeld past away at an age of 85. At an official press statement, fashion house Chanel explained: “Virginie Viard has been the closest person to Karl Lagerfeld for over the past 30 years at Chanel. Alan Wertheimer (co-owner Chanel, red.) trusts her and is convinced that Viard will guard the heritage of both Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.


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What we know about Virginie Viard

January 2019 – the month in which we already knew Karl Lagerfeld was ill. He didn’t attend his own fashion show in Paris – something he’d never missed before. It was very striking that the both elderly and every vital fashion designer, always dressed up in jeans, boots and a perfectly-cut jacket, black leather gloves, white hair worn in a small pony tail and – not to forget – his overly-dramatic sunglasses, isn’t there. Instead of Karl Lagerfeld, his loyal studio director Virginie Viard received the big applaus. To Karl’s own words, his contract at Chanel should end at 2045, when he would be 112 years old. Unfortunately, he proved to be mortal.


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Virginie Viard is Chanel’s Studio Director since 1987. For over the past 30 years, she has transformed Karl Lagerfeld’s sketches into actual fashion and haute couture collections, together with their ateliers and Métiers d’Art houses. As soon as she received Karl’s sketches, she started coordinating the teams, contacts the suppliers and choses the fabrics. She’s always liked to surprise Karl with deviant materials and details, which has proven its success so far.

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Karl Lagerfeld – Carine Roitfeld and Hun Kim?

Besides Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld also ran his namesake brand. Design director Hun Kim will remain in charge of the brand. Furthermore, their fruitful co-operation with Carine Roitfeld will continue during Fall/Winter 2019. Design Director Hun Kim has worked closely with Karl, just as Viard did at Chanel. However, the question of who will follow up Karl Lagerfeld at his namesake brand remains (semi) unanswered.


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Future of Chanel & Karl Lagerfeld

The future of Chanel lies in the (great) hand of one of his closest business ‘friends’. The brand Karl Lagerfeld will continue in good hands as well, but we don’t know as much about it yet. Rumor has it that all non-fashion related project will continue. currently, for example, a hotel that’s currently getting built at Macau, China. We sincerely hope Karl’s heritage will stay alive. May he rest in peace.



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