Chanel Resort 2020 collection

Chanel Resort 2020 collection – the first show after Karl Lagerfeld

Last week, the Chanel Resort 2020 collection was presented in Paris. It was a historic day – it marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Virginie Viard didn’t disappoint with her debut. To be honest, she nailed it. Check out the looks below.
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Chanel Resort 2020 collection

While we’re still in mourning of the loss of Karl Lagerfeld – king of fashion – we’re also very pleased that a powerful woman is leading the world’s most renowned fashion house. Lagerfeld has left a true legacy after working over three decades for Chanel. He’s brought the fashion house to life again, while keeping it elegant and staying true to Coco’s legacy as well. It seemed almost impossible to succeed this man and maintain Chanel’s inherence.
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Virginie Viard

However, one lady named Virginie Viard does know how to nail this task. Just as Lagerfeld, Viard has been working at Chanel for over thirty years. She’s learned from the master himself. The show, which took place at Le Grand Palais, consisted of clean looks and soft colors.

Before the show started, guests had dinner in the “Chanel Express”, a train that took them to the show. The set of the fashion show was a minimalistic train station; the over the top gestures of Lagerfeld being absent.
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Viard goes back to the roots of the brand with the Chanel Resort 2020 collection. Colors were soft, silhouettes were clean and garments were surprising, modern, yet elegant. Some dresses had white collars, which referred to Lagerfeld’s own signature outfit.

With the Chanel Resort 2020 collection, Viard shows she’s capable of preparing Chanel for the future. This designer recreated some signature Chanel pieces with a modern twist. She exactly knows how to adapt the garments and how to re-invent them to make them more suitable for today’s demands. Her minimalistic approach made us think of Phoebe Philo for Céline, but then in a Chanel way.

However, there were some over the top looks as well. For example, the printed pants and the giant bows were created to make a statement. Check it out for yourself below.

The looks

Then, at last: the looks you’ve been waiting for. Sit back, relax and fully enjoy Viard’s Chanel Resort 2020 collection.
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