chanel fall 2022

Chanel devotes an entire collection to tweed – and there’s a powerful story behind it

Chanel doesn’t shy away from doing things differently – and never has. While tweed used to be solely suited for menswear back in the days Gabrielle Chanel changed our perspective on both men’s and womenswear. The Chanel fall 2022 collection forms an homage to her thinking and honors her heritage. Discover the Chanel fall 2022 collection below.
Cover photo: courtesy of Chanel

Chanel fall 2022

“Devoting the entire collection to tweed is a tribute,” says Virginie Viard. “We followed the footsteps of Gabrielle Chanel along the River Tweed, to imagine tweeds in the colors of this landscape. Like that of a long pink coat mottled with blue and purple, or a burgundy suit with a delicate gold shimmer. This is what Gabrielle Chanel would do on her walks through the Scottish countryside: she would gather ferns and bouquets of flowers to inspire the local artisans for the tones she wanted.”

The fabric goes back to the Duke of Westminster, and his jackets that Gabrielle Chanel made her own. “There’s nothing sexier than wearing the clothes of the person you love,” continues Virginie Viard. “Of course, I’m fascinated by this ever-contemporary gesture. And it’s Chanel that renders the tweed feminine.” The boyish pinpoints the way in which Chanel started to become one of the most relevant fashion houses of its time. Gabrielle Chanel was among the first to free women from the dominant dress codes at the beginning of the twentieth century. Tweed may have been a masculine fabric, a straight fit may have looked boyish at that time, but things have changed, and we have to thank Chanel for that. After all, it perfectly shows the relevance of the iconic fashion house back in the days, but also today.

Discover some of our favorite looks of the Chanel fall 2022 collection below.

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