bevza spring summer 2024

BEVZA spring/summer 2024: a seductive return to New York Fashion Week

After showing one season in Paris, Svitlana Bevza returned to New York Fashion Week with a sexy collection. Post-show, the designer admitted she never wanted to leave the New York Fashion Week calendar for good. It just had to do with the designer’s need to experiment a little; she wanted to host a show in a more intimate setting, and Paris seemed to be the right place to do so. However, BEVZA is back. And she is bringing sexy back, too. The BEVZA spring/summer 2024 collection is anything but boring, even though it heavily leans towards minimalism.

Cover image: courtesy of BEVZA

BEVZA spring/summer 2024

The first looks of the BEVZA spring/summer 2024 collection didn’t surprise much. They were as beautiful as we got used to from the Ukrainian designer, carefully crafted in white materials. However, after several looks, Bevza moved away from her usual black and white palette; Firemen Red entered the conversation instead. Marigold flowers formed the critical source of inspiration for the pop of color. The designer explained that these flowers symbolize revival and love for the motherland in Ukraine. When her grandfather handed her seeds, she planted them on her balcony. They have grown more significant year by year ever since. The flower formed a symbol of hope, of a war that must not be forgotten, although life goes on.

A sexy take on luxury

As always, the BEVZA spring/summer 2024 collection is centered around sophisticated, clean silhouettes. The cleanliness was somewhat disturbed by several cheeky details, which are new to the brand. Cut-outs were placed to reveal parts of the body, shiny bralettes that needed to be seen, and see-through fabrics formed the collection’s backbone. And there was more newness: there were leather bags and even pageboy caps, which will serve as innovative investment pieces. Focusing on minimalist design and outstanding quality, all collection pieces – cheeky or not – will soon become significant investment-worthy items anyway.

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All images: courtesy of BEVZA